Sustainability enhances and broadens human contribution to achieving intergenerational justice as well as global fairness and equal chances. The aim is to reduce the usage of resources for a longer period. 

Sustainable development demands equal concerns for the environmental as well as for the social and economic aspects. To exercise economic activity with prospects for the future means: We have to leave to our children and grandchildren an unimpaired ecological, social and economic structure. One cannot exist without the other.

GBB Group supports the main idea of the sustainable development. Therefore we decided to link the complex installations of geothermal energy (ground heat) with solar thermal energy (solar energy). In handling the interaction of these two technologies, we shall achieve a synergy  effect, which will allow us to minimize our dependency on fuels, which contributes significantly to the reduction of CO2.

As an internationally operating company, we aim at to use resources and the environment in the most friendly way, being constantly willing for improvements.