We are an internationally operating company, and our goal is to provide our clients from the Meat Industry as well as from the areas Convenience and Seasoning Industry with customer-oriented products of high quality.

In the areas of Flavor, Functionality and Production Technologies our product development specialists and the application technologists are ready with their know-how to develop and realize the wishes of your customers purposefully from the laboratory project to your industrial production.

Our product portfolio covers the entire product range for the meat processing industry like spice blends, seasonings, combi products (taste plus function) and functional additives.

The additive range contains cuttering agents, emulsifiers, stabilizers, brine additives, maturing agents, starter cultures, colourings and shelf life extenders.

Our favorite skill is to offer intelligent and well-conceived protein blends varying in types and combinations which live up to our promises. Functional ingredients are used to achieve and optimize the production security, safety of the products as well as the appearance and stability of the ready products.

In case a required product is not included in our wide portfolio our international development team is able to work out complex solutions which are in line with the market trends. 



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