R & D / Innovation

R & D – Product Development – Innovation

GBB Group blends ingredients for the Food Industry. Our team of food and meat technologists is on hand to develop exclusive flavour profiles that customers are looking for. GBBG follows a creative and based on ingredient's functionality approach to the required product formulations. Following the customer’s concept, GBB Group is able to:

  • develop the required solutions in our R & D and technology center
  • select the most suitable and efficient ingredients
  • provide cost efficient recipes for the final product
  • decide on the best blending methods
  • pack the product in accordance with the customer’s batch size

Contact GBB Group either when developing a new product or in case a reformulation of existing ones is wanted. With the international experience of our R & D and technical staff we can also develop flavours and additives for most of international and traditional meat products and other foodstuff.

The specialists of GBB Group are committed to offer their knowledge and assistance. Please also note, that confidentiality is part of the company policy.